Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Upgrade Allwinner A10 Tablet

Firmware 4.0.3:

Firmware 2.3.4: (support external 3G)

LiveSuit V1.07:

LY-F1 Upgrade Guide:

* Please do not power on the tablet before run LiveSuit V1.07.

Prepare the files
1. Extract the firmware so you can see the image named "xxx.img"
2. Install LiveSuitPack 1.07
2. After running the exe go to the folder and run the application (LiveSuit.exe approx. 2mb)
3. Browse to the folder where the image
4. The tablet should be off

Prepare the LY-F1
5. While keep volume+ button pressed, plug it in via USB
6. Keep pressing the volume+ button and also press the power button time for 10 times
7. After several presses on the power button there will be a "sound" it connects as Windows recognises new USB hardware
8. Windows 7 will install drivers automatically
9. When all the drivers are installed, the firmware will start to install automatically

Finishing the Installation
10. There will be no sign of loading on the LY-F1 - don't worry
11. On the PC, LiveSuit shows a bar graph - it takes about 2 mins to go onto the LY-F1
12. After the yellow bar on Livesuite is completed action (about 2 mins) nothing happens.
13. You will see an exclamation mark (using Windows 7) with no text. Click OK.
14. Then wait a few seconds. Unplug the LY-F1 from the USB. You will see a green battery symbol. Ignore it. Restart the tablet manually (as normal using the on/off button).
15. Enjoy your new OS

Add New APN (For android 2.3 only):

Android APN setting
1) Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks -> Access Points Name
2) Menu -> New APN

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  1. if you know how long i have been looking for this, My MID A10is actually the one in the pic, and i bought it here in Nigeria.

    It first hanged, then it only started showing the android blue screen screen and would not go beyond that, now it does not come on at all except i hold volume up and power. which will show an android with a triangle on its head.
    Please cann you recommend the right firmware for me, min runs on android 2.3.4. if its upgradable to 4.0 let me know.

    Here in Nigeria, i have found out that this presents a problem for most people, as most have this A10, with the same problems. Meaning there is a market for it and for upgrading it, i bought mine around $260 converting to my currency here around N30,000, I am wondering if it can be gotten cheaper over there, cos a lot of people still need it.
    If Good prices($69 and $100) and customer service(firmware upgrade) can be provided for it here, it will sell well.

    please let me know about its firmware and prices